Thursday, July 26, 2007

"The Coats"

Our city has FREE summer event called "Concerts in the Park." It is downtown and tonight "The Coats" entertained us. I don't always rememebr to go to hear them so this concert was a nice diversion.

A local bank sponsors different musical groups each Thursday night during July and August. People bring their lawn chairs or blankets and spread them out on the lawn in front of the bandstand in anticipation of the concert. young children are allowed to come close to the bandstand and there is a place for the handicapped in front also. The whole park gets filled up with people. They also have food vendors on the sidewalk path winding through the park. I had some strawberry shortcake that was to die for!

The schedule of who's going to be playing and/or singing or both is posted near the bell tower. (That's another story.) I had no idea who this group was but I like music and it was free. . . and best of all, I was already downtown for a free workshop on stampin' and die cutting for use in making cards.

This group is from Seattle and they sing acappella. They were good, no they were great!! You can read more about them here; The Coats I wish I had extra funds right now so I could have bought one of their CD's. Maybe someday. . .

To see large photo, click directly on the photo above. (I know it isn't great photo but at least you can see them.)

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