Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How hot is it?

It is already 104 degrees in Vancouver now and it is 5:30 at night. The weatherman said the temperature was still climbing so when my computer time is up, I am going out to run thru the sprinkler. It was supposed to just reach 102 today. . . sigh Wonder what tomorrow will bring when 104 is what was predicted for tomorrow. Think cool . . . think cool . . .think cool!


Chloe said...

And here I thought Vancouver was green and wet and cool! It is "cool" here...overcast and 96. Nice change from the 112 we had last week.
How are you liking your new place? I hope your housemates are congenial and it is a pleasant spot for you.

Paulie said...

Don't say that nasty "w" word. . . I hate rain even more-- unless it does it at night when i am sleeping. We don't often have high temps here -- broke an 87 year record for that date!

I know i am being a baby about this 'hot' wether. . . gosh, one time when I was moving into my place in Granada Hills, CA, it was 116 degrees with no breeze and no sprinklers to run thru either!

the house is fine. the roommates are tolerable. I hate living 2 miles from a bus stop but at least i like to walk when it is not so hot. I am hoping t get approved for other housing soon -- was third on list last month. . . I can hardly wait.