Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thursday musings. . .

I can’t believe that July is one third over. That means summer is almost half over too! It is going by too fast. I still hope to get a few more hikes in -- I mean fun hikes, not just hiking to the bus stop.

I also want to go to the beach at least once. . . there is talk amoung our church ladies group of going to Seaside, Oregon for the day. I hope we do! (This is one time I regret that I never learned to drive.) Years ago, I took the Greyhound bus to the beach but they moved to Portland and the bus lot is now a Hilton Hotel. I haven’t figured out how to get there to catch it to the beach. . . YET! I would like to go and get a hotel and stay for a day or two. I can dream, can’t I?

The other thing I plan to do is look into the day long hiking trips that they take from the Senior center. I think I would love those!

I am looking forward to the Clark County Fair held in early August also. I always go on the first day when the admission is free. A couple years, I worked in the admissions booth (my landlady also worked there) and it was long hard work but I got all my breaks to look around and really enjoyed that. I love to look at the displays and photo contests. I keep thinking I will enter that one day but I never get around to puting in the papers because you have to deliver the entry papers before the fair, bring your entry before the fair to be judged and then pick it up after the fair. The problem with that is there is no bus transportation except on fair days. Maybe not learning how to drive is something I regret after all.

It is hot today but not as hot as the 104 we had yesterday so maybe I will take a chance on not dying of heat exhaustion and go to the concert in the park tonight. . . after my computer time!

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