Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More flowers from Sunday trek. . .

Sunday, riding as a passenger in a car to Sunday School/church services, I spotted a big plot of ORANGE gladiolas. I said to my friend, the driver, that I "know how I am walking to the bus stop after church. " (The bus doesn't run early on Sundays but is available after I get finished with church services.)

Well, I guess I wasn't paying attention well enough and I never found them again that day on my trek to the bus stop. I probably had to go a few more blocks north on the road I walked on. It was getting hot and I just decided to save that for another day. Hope to get back there this week.

Anyway, I did get some beautiful colors of glads and other types of similar flowers (I don't know what they are) on stalks. Below are a variety of them. Hopefully, I will be able to share the orange glads soon.


Moe said...

Those are some great looking flowers! Great pics!

RivahGal said...

Beautiful, Paulie! Thanks for sharing your photos with us, and thanks for linking to http://inmymeadow.blogspot.com !