Saturday, July 07, 2007

How patriotic are we?

I heard a comment recently that seem to proclaim that “patriotism was dead in American cities today.” my heart couldn’t believe it so on my travels yesterday, I set out to prove it wrong. I could only take photos of the flags I saw during the hiking portions of my expedition.

Not all the flags cooperated in flying straight out for me for my photomaking sessions with them but they were flying proudly nevertheless.

When all those wires tried to distract my view of Old Glory, it still waved in the gentle breeze, beckoning to me pride in what it stood for.

These were only a few of the flags flying high that i witnessed on my travels Friday -- I tried to show you 15 but it wasn't cooperating so here's a smaller sample. I recall all those flags that were flying proudly during my walk and on my bus travels and they were a reminder that patriotism in “not dead in Vancouver!”

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