Sunday, July 15, 2007

Disappointments can turn into Cinderella experiences. . .

I was beginning to think I had missed the butterflies this season. . . but today proved me wrong. Let me back up a little.

After church, I headed over to the storage place to take a few more videos back to my place I am renting temporarily. Found them and headed down a road where I had seen some orange daffodils while traveling to teach Sunday School with a friend. I had wanted to get some photos after Sunday school and church services to share with my internet friends. I never found them! I think I did not walk far enough down the one street. . . I will go back another day this week. That will give me a goal for a day when I don’t know where to go for my walk! I am determined to find that location before the glads beauty fades.

Discouraged, I headed for the bus stop that would take me partly home. Eventually, the bus came; it wasn’t a long wait. The ride seemed too short when it was time to ring for my stop. I grudgingly stepped off the bus and headed the almost two more miles home. At least it wan’t raining! Maybe it would be nicer if it was. . . surely a lot cooler!

I was walking up the long street where they have been doing construction for awhile and won’t be finished for a whole year, all the while being thankful that it is the weekend I didn’t have to dodge big machines AND the traffic while walking on the shoulder of the road since there were no sidewalks. It is not usually a fun walk under these conditions so I was looking for an unusual weed, an interesting structure OR anything to photograph with my digital camera. I have walked this route for two months now. What could be left to make an interesting photo? I know from experience, it makes the walk seem shorter even tho my feet aren’t fooled.

I came upon this beautiful flowering bush/tree hanging over a wall and decided to take a couple closeups of the blooms. I thought, “maybe one day, I will find out what kind of plant it is.” Taking a few steps off the shoulder of the road, I proceeded shooting three or four views and was about to leave when I had a most welcome visitor.

Right there before my lenses was a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly! I got just three opportunities to click my camera before it flitted off to a new adventure. At first, I was a bit disappointed that I could not extend the photo excitement. Then, realizing, I had three more special photos than I had two minutes ago, I hurried home to get them ready to put on my blog and maybe even share with my teacher friends at Tnet.

I think my day was blessed. How about you? AND my feet even stopped hurting!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading thru some of your blog. I have company for the night, but I just had to drop in and say hi and see a little more of your work. Thanks for your invite to stop by. Joan'JustTexas'

Jenny McB said...

Great pictures, just when you least suspect....I love trying to get butterfly and hummingbird pictures.