Thursday, July 19, 2007

My walking view

I was hungry for some fresh fruit so I decided to walk to the grocery store early last evening. Well, anyone knows when you go shopping, you can't leave with just the thing you went into the store for. . . so I ended up with two heavy bags, one in each hand and one in my cloth bag on my back like a backpack. I forgot my bus schedule and presumed I had missed the bus that I could have used for a mile or so of my trek. just before I got to the last mile and a half walk home, a bus roared past me! Murphy's law!!!!!!! Oh well, I got home with some wonderful fruit and some good exercise in the 14 plus miles I walked. Was grateful that the uphill part was going and not returning!

BUT the best part of my walk, other than getting some fresh fruit and yummy ice cream to eat was the view I had. . . rainy clouds in sunsets, sky view through weeds and a few Dahlias! We are predicted to have rain for at least 4 more days so I may get a few more photos like them if I venture out but I know for sure that I have a source for more Dahlia photos for the next month. You see, there is a corner lot where a lady has over 300 Dahlias planted, so her fellow tells me. (He asked if I would like a bouquet to take home but I had to decline it since I had no way to carry them . . . but told him next time!)

What do you think? Was the view worth the hike for groceries?


susan said...

Paulie - Am I reading that right - you walked 14 miles?! That would take me all day. You have the greatest attitude about your walks - open to adventure and appreciating the beauty around you - you are an example to follow when I am feling impatient. Susan/SC

Paulie said...

Yes, 14+ miles to the store and back with three bags of heavy groceries. Ü I have to admit I was gone about 3 hours. . . part of that selecting stuff in the store. I also take photos along the way.

I don't drive so i have to walk if there is no bus. Been walking all my life tho and enjoy it mostly. Two years ago, I walked the Portland Marathon --got the medal and shirt, etc to prove it. I did not take one photo during that walk and it made it seem so much longer!

Heart of Rachel said...

What an amazing view! I couldn't imagine walking that distance. I admire your stamina and how you made it a point to enjoy the things around you.

lowdawgs said...

Paulie, the sunset view is breathtaking! I love it!

I am definitely going to keep you in mind for background shots on future powerpoints.

Beautiful pictures! You are so talented.