Sunday, July 22, 2007

And I said . . . "no thanks."

Can you believe I turned down a ride today? Well . . . I DID! I was hot and sweaty and uncomfortable walking home with just thongs on my feet. No! I did not wear thongs to church. I wore my fancy red shoes to church that I bought to wear to my granddaughter's wedding last month and they certainly are not hiking shoes so I brought something I could slip on after church. Never again! Not thongs anyway. . .

Let me back up. The bus stop is about a half mile from church but I chose to go a longer route today because I wanted to get some photos of some orange Gladiolas that i had seen a week ago but couldn't locate after church that day. I saw them again today, riding with friend in her car to church. i get a ride in the early mornings because there is no bus and it is far too long a walk to go somewhere where i need to look presentable. I should have just asked her to stop for a minute on the way. lol THIS TIME, i knew my hunt for them when going home would be fruitful because I made sure I saw exactly what street they were on. I had walked that street many times subbing at Marion Elementary.

Well, i was just about a block and a half away from my impending "photo shoot" when a lady, driving her car down that street towards me, stopped and asked if she could give me a ride. I was very hot, sweating profusely and those thongs were not meant for any hike, no matter how short it was but I said, 'No, but thanks anyway.' You see, i was so close to getting some photos of those Gladiolas. . . I had a mission and i was determined to follow through with it!

As I watched her car meander down the road, I neared my destination. Soon, i would have what escaped me on my hunt for them last week. I was pleasantly surprised to see a few other photo opportunities so for a short time, the grueling temperature and my impending continued walk to the bus stop --about a half mile MORE away-- were forgotten.

Here's a couple more interesting photos i took before i got home:

My happiness in seeing that bus arrive was soon forgotten with the short ride when I had to get off at my stop because it reminded me I had a couple more miles of walking to do! I kept reminding myself that if I wasn't such a nut for photography, i could have been home, cooling off in front of two fans by now AND eating some of that raspberry Jello pie I made.
Oh well, now I get two rewards. . . the pie AND new photos.


lowdawgs said...

Oh, Paulie I can imagine how your poor feet felt! And in the heat, too!

But you are right: Those pics are gorgeous and I love the 40th birthday sign on the house.

Today it is 100 degrees AND windy. The lowdawgs will NOT want to go out in this... which means the dreaded treadmill today, since my treading water buddy has an appointment.


lowdawgs said...

Oh Paulie, your poor feet! And how hot was it?

You are right - the gladiolas are gorgeous and the house pic with the 40th Birthday sign is funny.

I wonder how long it lasted once the celebrant got home.


eastcoastlife said...

Wow! Paulie, the flowers were beautiful! It was worth the heat and pain in your poor feet! Thanks for bringing us God's beautiful creations. ^-^