Saturday, May 26, 2007

Is it June 1st yet?

I am glad it isn't but wish it were. . . you see, I am in the process of moving and also carrying on life as usual at the same time. I worked very hard today but didn't get accomplished as much as I wanted to. So glad that I have tomorrow and Monday to get more packed up before my helpers come Tuesday early evening. Will take some of my things to the new house and store in the garage. IF the tenant has moved out and they were able to clean the carpet in room, I might be able to put my things in early.

I have so much more packing to do. I haven't begun to do anything in the kitchen yet. Both bedrooms are finished. The hall closet and one other closet is finished. I thought the bathroom was looking good a month ago but will have to start all over again in there. Tomorrow and Monday I will work my head off in the living room and kitchen and little nook where the washer and dryer are. It has been a long haul since I have all my school things here at this place too. I gave lots of my teaching stuff away to granddaughter and another teacher who teaches Kindergarten. I haven't completely given away teaching materials for Kindergarten or preschool tho. Still have all my puppets and puppet theater I built the first year I taught my own classroom. One day, my younger granddaughter will get that since she wants to teach pre-school someday--she has 4 more years til she is in college.

I found an alternate route to get to a bus stop and it is just over a mile from my place instead of over two. That will be good if I decide to keep subbing. I subbed again two more times. First in Kindergarten -- two sessions of half day -- and then in Special Ed (3rd, 4th and 5th grades). On the way to this last school, I saw some plants that were beautiful and wondered if they were weeds or wild flowers. . . from the responses I got, I haven't decided what they are. Maybe someday. . . Got any suggestions?

Well, slowpoke over at Tnet found my answer! It is a Knapweed. It is so nice when people I never even met will keep trying to find an answer for me. Ü


julie said...

Paulie, has your summer vacation started? I am a special ed teacher too but I live in the Philippines. Great flower photos you got there. Seems your environment looks very colorful and fragrant, :)

Have a great weekend!

Jenny McB said...

Hey Paulie! How did the move go? Is your computer hooked up yet? LOL, that would probably be one of the first things that I would do.

Thinking of you!