Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Is this May 2nd or December 2nd????????

The heavy rain wasn't enough bad weather for us this morning so God provided us with big hailstones that covered the sidewalks and my patio deck. I thought spring had arrived a month ago and we were well on our way to summer here. I sure was wrong. If I can't have snow, I want spring or summer. The weatherman just says it is "crazy weather." It went down to 48 degrees in the middle of the afternoon! Crazy? NO! Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!


JennyMcB said...

I love the colors of your blog, I started out brown too, but am a blue girl. Hail, yuck, we don't get here much. My first daffodil bloomed this week. mmmm didn't you have pictures from March of flower?

How is the packing going? Hope you find a good place to live soon.

Paulie said...


When I changed it to brown template I was afraid to try something different. . . lol Now I know it is easy because I tried them all out and liked blue the best.

Our daffodils tulips and hyacinths are all gone. The lilacs and Iris are coming out now. I still have to get some photos but to do that I have to go on a walk. Will be going to a lilac gardens next week.

Packing is coming slowly but surely. I gave notice moving the end of the month. No job or housing arrangements yet.

Will work real hard on those next week.

In the meantime, I plan to enjoy my short weekend "vacation" to Medford, Oregon to play in the bell choir with many other choirs there. Only three of our group are going this year.