Monday, June 04, 2007

My first Photo Hunter entry. . .

Photo Hunters Website

This is my first photo entry for the PHOTO HUNTERS weekly challenge. The original painting was done by one of my 4 year old preschoolers that I had the priviledge to teach this past year. Each time I look at it, I see something new. I like the depth and how your eye is drawn to the light of that depth.

The way some schools today are so into testing and shoving the curriculum down the grades, this young artist may never get to have additional opportunities to paint expressively like this gem again. It's so sad that there is no time for "exploring" the arts in many schools today. Where are our great artists going to come from in the future?

Post script:

Zhel, a teacher that posts on Tnet chatbaord wrote this description of my preschooler's painting:

"What I see is: the observer is just about to exit a forest and
walk toward a waterfall. The waterfall is red, on the right
side. There is a perfect red tree on the left side, and
various herbs at the foreground, waving in the breeze. The
clear lake water is visible at the middle of the picture, with
some trees' reflection."

Isn't it wonderful when others can see the "art' in a small child's painting?


TNChick said...

Fab work of art!! I love abstract art and children's art. I love the art my kids make - similar to this.

oh.. and feel free to post "Mines Up" every week or make "announcements" any time you need to re: the photo hunt. I don't mind =)

Francois said...

That is pretty cool, it is indeed interesting. Al tough I feel its upside down, it looks like there is a name in the middle too.

Paulie said...

Glad you also found it interesting. Thanks from me and the 4 year old. The photo was taken in the direction she painted it. I added my photo copyright to it when I put it online. I just admire kids when they can paint how they want to and don't have to make a " copycat" picture. The light parts where you think is another name, I think is light, demonstrating the depth of the picture as you look through a forrest scene. I see trees and more each time I look at it. In the distance past the "light" I see architecture. . . The 4 year old was probably just puting different kinds of paint together in various strokes. U

susan said...

Paulie - I continue to enjoy your blog with your postings and the beautiful photography. I hope your new roommates are wonderful and that you are getting all settled in to your new home. Susan/SC

mommyness said...

this is a work of art! it being a child's interpretation makes it even more artistic. great first entry!

Jenny McB said...

I just love the colors that kids use in their painting.

In our Hs, you need a credit of the arts to graduate. But they integrate that into humanities, which is a combination of English and social studies.

Hey, how did you move go? Are you all settled in?