Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When it rains, it pours. . .

I finally put a deposit on a shared house for June 1st and today my former landlady calls me and says one of her roomers is moving out and she will have a place for me if I still need it just after the first of the month. The lady moving out has been there two years. Why could that not have happened yesterday morning before I paid to move to another place that is nice but a couple miles from a bus stop?

Today I subbed in a 5th grade class. Of all the kids only 6 were responsible. The principal knew it and she spent a good portion of the morning in my classroom. When she wasn't there, the counselor was sent in to help keep order. She told me it wasn't because of me -- they are just an unruly bunch and no guest teacher deserves their kind of treatment. lol In the afternoon we had two birthdays to celebrate

We also had computer lab and their old teacher came to the classroom to bawl them out first. . . sigh She was there being interviewed to be a principal. . . she was an acting VP at another school and has a long term sub (who I was subbing for today) in her classroom. She made them all sit on the floor and bawled them out for treating me badly. I didn't think it was horrible. Yes, school is almost out and they are hormonal and such but gosh. Anyway, principal came to computer lab and asked if I would be ok. I said sure. It worked out ok because I took no guff from ay of them. At the end of the day, I wrote down the 6 names of students who were very cooperative all day to give to principal. She suggested I do that when I mentioned some had done a very nice job for me. I hope she gives them special recognition. I could have subbed there two more days (they called for another sub) but I already have a request for tomorrow and Monday in Kindergarten!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND now a job in special ed for Friday. . . when am I gonna have a chance to finish moving?

I guess subbing is better than being penniless again. One more month of it. I also have to move to my new place and out of this one by end of month. Busy, busy time for me.

The school was a 20 minute walk in my neighborhood. I saw many Iris along the way. Guess what I did on the way home?


Chloe said...

Our iris season has come and gone, so I really love looking at your spring flower photos!

I wonder if you can talk to your new landlord (if you haven't started moving yet) and see if you can get your money back? Since you have to walk and the bus stop is so far away? I'd give you back your money!!

I think I WILL start a scrapbook for the coffee table! What a great idea. I have one now with all of Darling's projects that he keeps in the client sitting room over at the has garnered a LOT of compliments for us.

The hotel site is down down down. I am going to just put the photos up on my blog, since it is more reliable. Thanks for asking!

Jenny McB said...

Middle school subbing near the end of the school, been there, done that, wasn't easy.

Just think, a week from now, you should be all moved in. Hope you get it all done in time.
The red iris is beautiful.