Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I found a place to move to. . .

I met my three roommates today. They all seem nice. I can move my stuff to the locked garage before the first of the month and move it in as I need to -- they want to clean the carpet after the present tenant moves out and before I move in and that is good. Now I can concentrate on finishing packing up and moving from my duplex. That is, if I am not subbing every day!!!!!!!!

I am teaching a 4/5 split tomorrow and Thursday I will be in Kindergarten--two sessions. Monday, I will be back in the same Kindergarten again. The Kindergarten jobs were a request. Nice to be wanted. I miss teaching Kindergarten soooo much.

I am looking forward to moving to my new place but it is not near a bus line and I will have to be doing a lot of walking. Good thing I like to walk. It is probably 2 miles from a bus stop. I am on the waiting list for a small apartment but who knows when that will happen so this will have to do for now. The owner of the house seems very nice.


Jenny McB said...

The subbing jobs sound like fun, work, but good work!
Glad you have a place to live, hopefully the apartment will happen soon for you.

I just checked out the rest of the shower blog, that is great idea for shower game! Hadn't heard that one before.

Paulie said...

No subbing is not fun. I did it for 12 years in the past, swore I would never do it again. I was desperate.

I got a cal today from a former landlady --she said one of her tenants is moving and she would have a room for me again -- my old room! I can't take it because I already paid for the new place. sigh. . .

I loved that game and all ages worked on it. I did suggest many of the winning ideas tho. Ü