Saturday, May 19, 2007

My granddaughter's wedding shower is today. . .

Amanda graduated from college this month and already has her first "call" to teach in a Lutheran school. She will be teaching in Roseburg, Oregon. This afternoon is her shower.

She had told me that her new apartment, which they already have, has a swimming pool. So instead of hunting down things on her wish list, I bought two huge towels for them to use at the pool!

I didn't know how I was going to wrap them. I almost never buy a gift bag but this one was calling my name as I walked down the gift wrap aisle. The pastel quilt design and colored tissue papers I used works really well with the colors in the card I made so I attached it to the outside with two teeny pink clothespins without an envelope. I hope she likes it. . .

Less than a month until her wedding!

My grandaughter, Amanda was given a shower today and one of the games we did was to divide up and design a wedding gown with a bag of things given to us. I was on team number 2. In our bag, there were 4 pieces of white tissue, 2 white bows, bunch of rolls of toilet paper two white flower bows and a pink flower garland. This is what my team came up with:

Slim bodiced dress, almost sleeveless --slight cap sleeve-- but with long white gloves on arms, short veil with bow on top crown. Pink garland crossed over chest and connected in back highlighted gown. Bouquet of flowers (other white bow) with white streams of TP.

Long train in back made with strips of TP of course! Ü All held together with scotch tape! I gave the suggestions for the flower on veil, the pink garland over bodice and the TP train.

They had both girls go to a different room when we were finished and come in and model one at a time after Amanda came back downstairs. She had no idea who did what.

Amanda chose our "model" for the best wedding attire. What do you think about it?


Jenny McB said...

Very pretty! That was a good idea for a gift. Did they like the towels?

Paulie said...

LOL I did not have time to go look for what she registered for. . . and since they had a pool at apartment, thought two big towels would be good. She got towels from three other people too but they were in her bathroom colors.

Hope you come back and see the rest of the post I just added.