Sunday, May 13, 2007

My lilac farm trip. . .

Saturday morning a group of ladies from my church went to the Hulda Klager Lilac gardens in Woodland, Washington. I had been there just once before Saturday. In anticipation of some more great lilac photos, I could hardly wait to get there. Now in the next sentence, you would not expect me to exclaim, "What a big disappointment!" . . . but it was. The late frost we had this spring ruined the budding progress of many of the bushes. I found it hard to believe they still charged the two dollar entance fee. . .

There were a few lilacs untouched by the frost and I did get some photos.

Although the photos are a variety of lilacs, they were not in abundance like in previous visits. If not for the other flowers, including this Wisteria Tree hanging over the gazebo, I would have been truly disappointed in my photo excursion Saturday. I will add more photos tomorrow of other flowers spotted during our visit to the lilac gardens.



Jenny McB said...

Our lilacs are starting here! I will try to get some pictures later this week.
Your pictures did come out nicely, I hope that you at least enjoyed a day without rain.

Paulie said...

Changed things in my blog settings. . . had asked for notices for when a comment was made but I kept getting a spinning ball there when I clicked on link in email. The AOL tech had me convinced I had to re-install AOL because of the spinning ball. I told them I could get on to AOl on other sites but they think everything is resolved with clean install. sigh

The CD I ran over to Walmart to get didn't work. I was getting frustrated since this was the 2nd tech I talked to tonight. Then my cell phone quit -- didn't realize I was running out of power or I would have plugged it in before I made the call. . . thus, got disconnected from AOL tech.

I decided to try it one more time and access my notices from the blog instead of email link. It worked perfectly and your comment is posted above. BIG sigh that it isn't my computer.

I immediately changed my settings again and your comments will be posted immediately.

Hopefully you will read this.

Jenny McB said...

The settings for the comments are not the clearest.
Did you leave a question for blogger? But then they aren't the clearest either.