Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday School Teacher's Appreciation Luncheon

Today, Sunday School teachers from the 50 years our church has been around were honored. After church services, we were guests at a luncheon. Members brought salads and desserts and the church committee bought sandwiches from Subway as the main course. Of course, everything was delicious as all potlucks at church are!

Stories were shared about Sunday School memories. Trip down memory lane for some who have been here since the church was built. My best memory was in the Sunday School Superintendant, Emil Meyer, that was there during my first 8 years of teaching 3rd and 4th graders. You never saw such a supportive person! He was there for the teachers, he was there for the kids. He gave us what we needed to share the love of Jesus with those we were teaching and he was there to lift us up when we needed it. He sought out extra things to support our teaching and treated us volunteers like real professionals. We knew he loved us teachers through the support he offered in our meetings and he loved the children we taught like they were his own.

To end the celebration, each current teacher was given a gift box with a pen, note pad, bookmark and "Scripture Mints." It is nice to be recognized for our efforts. The last couple years I have gone to helping with Summer Sunday School. We give the regular classroom teachers a break and take a group of all ages preschool through 6th grade. There are three of us. I have been a part of that team for the past 5 years. Liz does the lessons and Cathy and I offer support in helping kids find Bible passages and doing crafts. I also sub when Liz needs a day off from teaching the lesson.

The photos in this post are the corsage that I was given today and the three roses cut off and places in a mini vase at home. Tonight the roses are beginning to open up so I took more photos to share.

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