Thursday, November 15, 2007

More projects completed . . .

Last month, I started working on hairpin lace crochet projects with a group of ladies from my church who either knit or crochet. I got in on the tail end of a mission project for an orphanage in Mexico and made three hats and scarves with hairpin lace crochet.

Now we are focusing on a mission that is in Vancouver. We are making things for our Veterans who are in the hospital but can shop in a special room of donated things and send two to their families free of charge or postage.

So far, I have 4 neck scarves made for this -- two I have already blogged about. The two latest are:

i also have all the rows crocheted for two cape shawls -- one is white and silver and the other, a pale blue and silver. i am now crocheting the rows together with silver crochet cotton. I am liking what i see but am not ready to photograph them. I have NEVER crocheted with crochet thread in my life! Well, before now, I mean. I am also trying to learn to make straight rows crocheting dish cloths.

My latest project is an afghan for a girl's bed. it will be all pale colors but multicolored. i have 4 rows of 300 made so far. It will take at least 12-15 more rows. I am using baby yarn for it. It will fit a twin size bed.It will be awhile before I get it finished. I hope I get it finished in the next two weeks so it can go to the Vets before Christmas.


Love Bears All Things said...

This is such a worthwhile project and I know it gives you pleasure.

You know, since you missed your 12 month blogging anniversary, you could celebrate the year since you began being so active.

I've enjoyed having you for a friend. I met a few others through Photo Hunters like Polywog Creek. I picked up some here and there. I always love discovering a new one. I wish time permitted visiting them all every day but most I am only an occasional visitor.
Had a long walk this morning, made lots of pics. I'll share soon.
Mama Bear

lowdawgs said...

I love the scarves. I wish I knew how to do this - everytime I swear I am going to learn, I sign up for another graduate class or something.

I learned how to knit when I was in Brownies. We made 'squares' for a giant blanket that would be donated.

The leader never took my square so it got longer and longer. Then I got tired of the color and tied on some burgundy yarn I found in my gramma's cupboard. Burgundy yarn with this hideous blue/green color was not delightful to the eye. Finally, my gramma cast it off for me and I gave it to my dad as a present.

Bless him - he wore it for years.

(Now I am wondering where it is?)

;-)Kim (lowdawgs)

Jenny McB said...

Hi there,
These scarves look so soft. Actually one of the reasons I haven't been blogging, is because I am crocheting scarves for gifts. I found a really quick and easy shell design and have one made already. Didn't mention it in my blog b/c one is for my son's girlfriend.

What a nice idea to make gifts for the veteran's shop.

Katney said...

Your scarves are lovely and the project is a wonderful one. I am knitting hats for grandchildren while I am traveling. When I get home I will need to get busy finishing some quilts for wounded soldiers.