Thursday, November 29, 2007

Trying again on my laptop

Well, I got so disgusted with my non-functioning blog that I went to bed very early last night. I probably missed any snow we might have had mixed with rain. . . sigh

I tried making a new blog, "Postcardsfrompaulie2" and I couldn'tpost any photos in a blog posting but could add large photos using the element. Then I decided to transfer my favorite links to that blog and they would not transfer for soem reason. I got them all in the edit box and clicked on each and each one went to the proper url spot so that wasn't the problem. I never figured it out. I couldn't find anything else to do to get them to post. I gave up.

I tried again to post a photo to my first blog and it jsut stops in mid air so to speak. I am so frustrated. I recently updated my software on that iMac so thought maybe that was a problem so here I am on my laptop. We will see. OK here goes. . . postcards without a photo are boring. Well, it worked! I had to use an old photo because all my recent photos are on my iMac, not my iBook. Don't comment on this blog because I will erase it if blogger is now working. Going back to the iMac to try again.

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