Thursday, November 29, 2007

Looks like I am finished with blogging for now

Well, I successfully got a photo on here with my laptop but now I can't even get a screen to show on the laptop so can't use that until BLOGGER fixes things. Guess I won't be able to write everyday in November after all. I did write my report to BLOGGER problems.

I just don't know what happened.

Well, yes, I do . . . a miracle!

I tried one more time and the photo thingie did not turn around but I left it anyway and there is my photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to publish this before it disappears.


Kerri said...

Hey Paulie....try not to get discouraged....Blogger can be a bit tempermental at times.

This is a beautiful shot! I am so glad you were able to post it!

RuneE said...

I have had LARGE problems with Blogger lately. I hope they haven't got a virus or something - maybe the 'Flu? ;-)

RuneE said...

I have had LARGE problems with Blogger lately. I hope they havn't got the a virus or 'Flu or something ;-).

For instance - they "ate" my first attempt at this comment. Now I'll make a copy and try again.

RuneE said...

Thank you for a quick answer - quicker than Blogger! ;-)

I am now fan of the d...... letters myself either, but I haven't yet decided whether they are necessary or not.

Concerning the possible Christmas card: I will have it printed at a store where they can add some appropriate phrase. They can print a large number of cards better and cheaper than I can with any of my printers.

Katney said...

That is one gorgeous flower. Keep on keeping on, Paulie. There is nothing more frustrating than a tech glitch, but I find that they usually eventually get whatever is glitching fixed and we're back in business. Frustrating, too, to communicate with the geeks who have to do the fixing--some of them only speak geek.

Katney said...

Oops! That was one beautiful flower a couple of frustrations down. The tree and sky is great, too. I just misplaced my comment.

Love Bears All Things said...

Sorry you're having problems!
Mama Bear