Friday, June 08, 2007

The Limerick Contest. . .

You will find the contest rules here: J's Thoughts and Musings

I'm not good at poetry but I thought I would try as I liked the prizes offerred. This is my entry for the blog limerick contest:

Postcards from life, that’s my new blog.
Considered a “photos and words” hog.
Nothing to some; memories for me.
“Photos and words”- you will see
A “marathon” just reading my daily log.

If you read the blurb about my blog and what it contains, you will understand the words of my limerick.


Jenny McB said...

Thank you for submitting! You really described your blog well.

The one thing that I am learning with this, is how to set up links. It's always something.

Crimson Wife said...

You do take beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing :-)

The Rock Chick said...

Great limerick! I love photo blogs. It amazing to see some of the pictures other people take just walking down the street. I never seem to get so lucky with mine :)

Enjoyed your entry!!

Jessica The Rock Chick

Paulie said...

Thanks jenny mcb. I worked hard on it. Now if only the judges think so also!!!!!!! (I don't want first prize -- want one of the others!!!!! Hear that judges???? lol I learned how to do links when I made some websites for teaching.

Thanks, crimson wife. . . I will be over to visit yours asap.

Thanks, Jessica, the rock chick. . . I will visit yours soon also. Do you get your name from collecting rocks? I'm a rock hound too! I take my digital camera everywhere and don't hesitate to use it. I walk a lot since I never learned how to drive.