Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bringing Myrl's backyard to her. . .

Yesterday was Tuesday. It's the day I go to see Myrl at the Nursing Home after work. This week I went when I knew she would be eating dinner. (Last week, I went later and she was already asleep!) I found her awake and slowly eating; one of her daughters was there also.

It was good to see her eating by herself even tho it was with her left hand.

She also has a new PINK cast on her foot that is broken. it is a walking cast so she can do physical therapy with her feet. She is also practicing how to slide from her bed to her wheelchair and back so that she can go for a ride in a car occasionally. I know she is going to love that and is looking forward to the day it will happen. Her son, the Lutheran Pastor in California, is coming to visit her again --for Mother's Day for a week long stay. She is going to love that!

When she finished eating, I gave her my new BIG card and tears started coming from her eyes. . . my heart was melancholy at that moment. . . it was my intention to bring Myrl's yard flowers to her IF she couldn't go to see them herself! Now, I was feeling that I made her miss her home all the more.

Last week, when I was there watering her indoor and outside plants, I took some photos: purple and white lilacs, snowball tree and her first Iris. After trimming the photos down and rounding the corners of some, I put the 4 photos on blue cardstock and labeled it at the top "Myrl's Flowers in April." I added corner punches and didn't care too much for them so tried to disguise them with bows which weren't much better. . . BUT it was the photos that counted so I gave it to her anyway. It's hanging on the wall for her to see every day.

Now that it is a new day, I am wondering if Myrl's tears were ones of joy that she could see her flowers even if she couldn't be home YET. I hope so!

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