Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I hate pollen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You would think that I would be just the opposite since pollen produces beautiful flowers for me to photograph. . .

Maybe I should have said I hate pollen in Washington state. When I first moved here in 1985, I had no allergies. Then about three years later, I was tested for different allergies and about the only thing I am not allergic to is pets -- and I don't have any of those!!!!!!!!!!!! In 95, I moved to CA to teach and the allergies all disappeared.

I guess that is why I didn't think about the problems I have with allergies when I decided to move back here. Possibly because it has taken 5 years for the allergies to kick in again. (Thank God!)

My allergy problems started yesterday and I had no meds available . . . and decided to chance it going to work today. I should not have. . . I definitely needed my meds. About an hour after I was at work I asked my boss if I could walk to the store and buy some meds for allergies and then work longer when I came back to make up for the time gone.

She allowed me to do that, thank goodness. I got them at Walgreens and walked across the street to catch the bus downtown -- I was uptown. I lucked out and got the bus that changed into the one I needed after loading more passengers downtown. I was gone an hour and 15 minutes but before I left Walgreens, I asked where the water fountain was and took some meds.

When I arrived back at work, I checked in with my boss and said I was going to take my 15 minute break then instead of in an hour to give the meds more time start working before I went upstairs to the magazine stacks to continue my job. That worked pretty well. I was glad because it was hard to be checking the magazine boxes with the dusty shelves when I am sneezing constantly.

Sidenote. . . there must be something "special" to the dust in WA state since I am allergic to at least three trees, 5 weeds, grass and DUST! I am not kidding. (Might be why I don't bother to disturb the dust in my house!) I wasn't allergic to dust in Idaho, upstate New York, South Carolina, Hawaii, northern or southern California . . .

Thank goodness the meds worked and I was able to complete my hours today. They have now worn off and I have to get some more. . .

BUT guess what I saw when I was walking to the drugstore? You're right! A purple Iris to photograph! And white and purple lilacs and more! Blessings come in all kinds of disguises.

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