Friday, May 05, 2006

It's Friday again!

Been working at the library with magazines all week. . . and the project should be finished in two more days. . .at least that is my estimate. I have known all my life that the library had magazines. . . I just don't take advantage of checking them out like I do books.

Usually, I head straight to the fiction section, aisle D for Diana Mott Davidson culinary mysteries. The main character is a caterer in Colorado. All of her books have a food connection in the title:

Catering To Nobody
Dying For Chocolate
The Cereal Murders
The Last Suppers
Killer Pancake
The Main Corpse
Prime Cut
Tough Cookie
Sticks and Scones
Double Shot
Chopping Spree
Sticks and Scones

And all of her books have the recipes included in each novel.

That would be enough to tempt one into reading her culinary mysteries but she has yet another temptation for me. . . she writes so beautifully about snow! let me give you some examples:

"Snow fell softly on millions of rows of perfectly frosted pines."


"The curtain of flakes had thinned; maybe we were experiencing a mere flurry."


"Trees high and low were hung with glittering ribbons of snow."


Sunbeams slanting through the pines and aspen branches winked off errant flakes."


Out here in the boondocks, the snow is seductively pretty."


"Through the thickening swirl of snowflakes . . . "


"As if on cue, the snow began to flutter down again . . . "

Those are just a few of them. So, reading my culinary murder mysteries I can get my snow fix too! I can hardly wait til she writes another mystery. I am reading all 12 of them over again. One day I hope to own all of them myself.

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Chloe said...

I love her books also and love to try out her recipes. Some of the best (and most expensive ones) are right out of her books.
I don't share your love of snow..I lived in Utah for ten years and really? That was enough to last me for the rest of my life.