Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fools

Today is April 1st. . . and usually a day for jokesters to play pranks.

No one took advantage of me today. In a way, I was hoping I could wake up this morning and people would tell me it was just a bad dream that my friend was in the hospital, not able to speak or do anything for herself. I had a meeting all morning but when I visited her around 2:00 this afternoon, she seemed worse to me. She kept falling back to sleep whereas two days ago, she would look towards the voices talking to her.

Two of her daughters were there when I was today. They said that by Tuesday she will be moved to a Convalescent Center about three blocks from the hospital until she recovers enough to have pins put in her broken foot.

If it weren't for the fact April 1st is also my Baptismal Birthday, today would just be another crappy day. My heart is so sad.

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