Sunday, April 02, 2006

White daffodils. . .

When I came home after church today, I decided to enter my duplex in a different way so the neighbor's dog wouldn't bark at me. It drives me crazy because I have never done a bad thing towards it (other than hate all dogs) and it's owner isn't very careful in taking care of it's dog business.

OK . . . so I walked clear around the other duplex and to the back of mine and what a surprise I had waiting for me. It was not there last year and I did not put any in this past year so who knows where it came from. . . but I had this beautiful patch of WHITE daffodils on the back side of my duplex. There were a couple yellow ones also.

I tried to take a couple photos but they were "hanging down." You couldn't really see the beauty of their shapes. . . Paulie to the rescue! I went in the house and got a pair of scissors. . . and now I have a beautiful bouquet on my TV after my photograph session.

It looked like a daffodil and I thought it was but wasn't positive. Other online teachers affirmed my suspicions and I shared some photos of it. Now, all in a matter of 7 days, I have learned about two flowers I had not known much about before today. First, I learned what a Camelia looks like and second, that there are white daffodils!

God is good!

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Chloe said...

Those flowers are just lovely! I wonder where they came from? Maybe they are just rogue yellow ones, breaking free from the color constraints!!
How is your friend, Myrl? I hope she is doing better; I know her health is a worry to you.
How goes the new job? Have you been trained and stating in on it yet? Hope it meets your expectations!