Friday, April 14, 2006

The rain is back in full force!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All week long, the weather has been teasing us. Mornings would start out overcast and the rain soon followed. Then, while I was at work, the sunshine appeared. It was great for a nice long walk. I didn't get to take advantage of it for a leisure walk tho. . . mostly had to run errands in another part of town and walking was faster than waiting for several bus transfers. Also spent two afternoons with Myrl and another cataloging books at the church library.

I am now signed up for taking the Red Cross course for First Aid for babies, children and adults. Also taking a Blood Pathogens class because I can't find my original paper from a class years ago and the school district that had it on file weeded it out after 7 years. . . sigh Oh well, the Senior Program that helped me find the library job is paying for both so they were the right price. They also paid for me to get my fingerprinting done since it had expired.

Today, when I got off work, I took the bus a couple miles down the street that the library is on and then stepped off the warm, dry bus into howling winds and rain so hard I wanted to cry. "I must be crazy to be out in weather like this," I said to myself, holding back the inevitable tears. Ordinarily, I would have just gone home and snuggled up or played on my computer for comfort. I couldn't do that today. . .

You see, Friday afternoon is my time commitment to go to Myrl's home and water her houseplants so they will be thriving WHEN she returns one day after suffering a stroke and breaking her foot. Myrl made many sacrifices for me and even shared her home when I was in need. Braving the 2 and half miles walking each way to do this little chore is nothing in comparison. I made it there and was rewarded with beautiful flowers blooming in her yard -- just ready for my camera! Ü

I didn't stay long. Just watered the flowers and wrote a note to place on refrigerator about the date the plants were watered. Her empty house was a reminder of her absence, an absence that wasn't planned. One that seems so unfair. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back next Friday to do this again. . . knowing Myrl isn't home. Then I had a little heart to heart talk with myself walking home, carelessly walking through puddles while lost in my thoughts. Myrl's spirit was in that home. . . all who enter know it's love.

I remember when I was living with Myrl and subbing. I came home one time after three bus transfers on a cold and wet afternoon. Myrl had cooked a special dinner to share with me and it was hot and on the table when I walked in the door. She didn't need to do that -- usually we cooked our own things and she ate much earlier than I did. This made me really feel at home. Yes, that is only one of the memories I hold in my heart from her sharing her home with me. I hope, next time I go to water her houseplants, it is a nice day outside because I want to take a little time to sit on her porch swing on the patio and remember some more good times that help me remember why Myrl's spirit is there on 131st Avenue even tho she may be recovering in a nursing home.

Thank you, God, for Myrl and memories!

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