Thursday, March 30, 2006

Myrl . . .

I went to see my friend, Myrl today. . . I cried. Tears ran down my cheeks in silent rivers. It was hard to see her so helpless, she who had been "like a rock" and a second Mother to me since my own died long ago. I had never been to/visited anyone in the hospital in the 20 years since I moved here . . . until today.

Myrl had a stroke earlier this week and had fallen inside her home and was not discovered for hours. Her left foot has a cast because it was broken in several places. Her right arm is paralyzed. Although she can't speak any audible words, her eyes said myriads. I know she was happy I came to visit.

She will be there at least until Sunday. Someone said she might have to go to a nursing home. I hope not. She's a very independant lady! I wish there was something I could do for her. . . God placed her in my life when I needed help. Now it is my turn to reciprocate.

Her son, the Lutheran Pastor from California, was there when I came today. He reminded me how much his Mom loved the photograph album I made for her of my photos. He said he was going to bring it to the hospital so she could enjoy the photos again since she can't talk now. I hope they will bring her some happiness in these trials and that she will remember the good memories we had together even tho she can't speak about them outloud presently.

I am blessed to have had her touch my life and hopefully, I have touched hers too. I pray that she will continue to touch my life for years to come. She's one special lady.

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Chloe said...

I had "another mother" also. Mama Serpa was so suppoertive; she was my cheerleader. In fact, I think I was friends with Margie because I was so fond of her mother. Mama Serpa has been gone for 30 years and I remember her with such fondness. I hope Myrl regains her health.