Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A flower by any other name. . .

Discovering the name for a flower photo is such a thrill for me! Today, I found out this is a "Red Emperor Tulip!" Who would've thunk it? (That makes learning three flower names in the past 9 days!)

The long green leaves looked identical to the common tulips I have knows all my life but I had never seen the tulip petals spread out that way before. Nor had I seen such huge petals! While I feel this flower is impressive -- and rightly so since it has regal name connections -- I think I. myself, would prefer a regular common pink tulip.

Speaking of pink tulips . . . I wish I could remember where in Vancouver I found a bunch of them planted together for a photo two years ago. I will just have to make sure I walk past all my usual walking jaunts and hope I find it again. Now that's not a bad idea.

My internet friend, Chloe, gave me a link for a flower music video tonight. It was so precious. I tried to make a link to it here but it removed my flower and essay so I guess I can't share it until I learn how to place it correctly.

Will try just writing it out. . .

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