Sunday, April 23, 2006

Alphabet in photos

Having enjoyed this photo for a few days now, I am wondering if I can find photos of other letters of the alphabet in nature/my environment. To me, the flowers form a "C."

I am going for a walk today after church. Deciding which walking path to take gets challenging for me nowadays since we have so many here. What a blessing they are!

Walking alongside the Columbia River is one of my favorite excursions because I love the ocean and I know that the Columbia River heads out to the Pacific. It only takes two hours to drive to the coast. . . sometimes I wish I had learned to drive so I could head out there every weekend.

Not only do I like to watch the things on the river but those around it on the shore. Wintler Park's sandy beach is at the eastern part of my walk and near the I-205 bridge. I remember when I first "discovered" it when I moved to Vancouver almost 21 years ago. It was my little escape to "the ocean and beach" right here in town! I can see snowy Mt. Hood in Oregon in the distance and across the river. . . well, most days I can. I hope there is a clear blue sky when I am there today!

Heading west on the walking trail, I come to the Water Resource Center and often see goslings in the wetlands,learning to swim with their parents. Of course there are many flowers along the way and I occasionally spot a wild rabbit or an eagle. All along the paved walkway/bicycle path there are varying degrees of sandy beaches or wetland areas that I can explore-- if not on foot, with my camera. Vancouver is a city that cares about the natural environment. I'm glad I came to live and learn here.

Marine Park is the next "marker" on my journey. It is a huge park that people come to for picnics or to just play and enjoy the warm sun near the river. It also has a boat launch and a marina for three touring yachts. It is also a good vantage point to take photos of Mt. Hood.

The DISCOVERY trail "ends" here but not really because regular sidewalks take you past the business center which has a variety of Port of Vancouver buildings now that the Kaiser shipyard, built during WWII, is no longer in operation. Waiting at the end of the business center is a continuum of our wonderful paved trail along the Columbia again and yet, another vantage point to see Mt. Hood.

Seeming to guard the Columbia River, is the statue of Ilachee; she was an important figure in the settlement of Fort Vancouver. Many condos line the shores of the Columbia here but the walking trail is open to the community. They have benches to sit and enjoy the river happenings. . . on a nice sunny day, the river is full of sailboats from both Washington and Oregon. The trail continues down to the old Apple Tree Park, famous for having the oldest apple tree in the Northwest, and then. . . on to the fishing pier near the I-5 bridge. This is a favorite spot to be at in December when the Christmas ships, decked with lights in different holiday designs, parade up and down the Columbia for our enjoyment.

Yes, I am looking forward to my little excursion today. . . one of my favorite walks to traverse the length between the two bridges along the Columbia and enjoy scenes from two states. Hoping I can find some photographic alphabets on my little jaunt this afternoon. I'll let you know . . .

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