Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Parking Lot Movie Theater

This is a parking log in uptown Vancouver, just 2 blocks from where I live now. See that building across the street? That's where they project the movie (starting at dusk and after some musical entertainment) using a computer and projection equipment like an ELMO..

Last week, we saw a science fiction movie called "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow."

I doubt it would be something I would choose to see if I had to pay money for it. It was something to while away a lazy summer evening. People bring their own blankets to sit on the ground or sand or lawn chairs. Just like the concerts at the park, blankets are in front, then sand chairs, then regular chairs. They even have refreshments for sale that are donated by the Kiggins Theater which is located downtown. Speakers are donated for use by a church for the event. It is a Saturday night neighborhood thing in July and August for 4 weeks. Two high school students entertained us with their guitars for accompaniment. There will be other groups each week.


dot said...

You sure have some interesting things to do where you live.

Love Bears All Things said...

This sounds like fun and so close to where you live. When we lived in Chattanooga, they had these downtown.

The crazy quilt class just makes a small wall hanging of about 20 blocks. I'm going to make mine a little larger with adding pictures. I think a square with a picture and embellishments made into the front of a throw pillow would be a nice gift.

Today, I went to Hobby Lobby to buy some embroidery thread. I picked up two wee projects for seasonal gifts while in Alabama in June and want to get started on them.
I have a lot of "irons in the fire" right now but the only deadline is getting the house ready to sale so that is my top priority.
Mama Bear

Katney said...

We went with our son to a similar theatrical presentation in Seattle a few years ago. In addition to the blankets, sand chairs and lawn chairs, there wre some people who brought their couch.