Wednesday, July 02, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Year 2 --"X"

Go here if you would like to join us for ABC Wednesday. . . Mrs Nesbitt

I took our my trusty DICTIONARY to try to find something for "X" tonight. I knew I could use Xray because I had taken my Kindergarten class to a place by the zoo called the Children's Museum and they had a fun Xray machine for the kids to experiment with. BUT then I thought many people will probably choose Xray so I decided to find something else. . .

Next, I thought of Christmas tree (XMAS) .and knew that would be easy because I leave my decorated tree up all year long. I have already shown it on my blog along with my XMAS wreath because I had made one last year and had a photo of it but that was just too easy so I was searching the dictionary for something else. Boy! I was out of luck. Many of the "X" words were medical terms and I didn't have anything like that around to photograph!

Then, it came to me!!!!!!!!!! I had this little sticker making machine called XYRON that came with a bunch of stampin' and scrapbookin' stuff I got from a lady on FREECYCLE last fall. I had tucked it away in a drawer because I didn't know how to use it. I even had a replacement cartridge!

Off to the internet to google XYRON and see if I could use it for this post. . . Half an hour later, I was an expert at using my little XYRON gizmo. The following steps are what I had to do for making the 4th of July card for family. I only used the XYRON machine for the big hearts after I glued the smaller heart in their centers.

First, I cut out shapes I wanted to use for stickers.
Then I got the XYRON machine.
I could have made stickers of the smaller heart but I just glued it and made the larger ones stickers.
Here the hearts are coming out of the XYRON machine.
I tear the sticker off that I made in the XYRON machine.
Peel the cellophane off of the new sticker.
See the sticky back of my new sticker made in my XYRON sticker maker machine?
Choose blue for the card color. . .
Choose other background papers to use for my 4th of July card.
Stamp a patriotic saying and give it a colored border.
Glue everything together and stick on my two heart stickers made with my XYRON machine.
This card still needs something . . . maybe a button?
YES! I think that did it!!!!!!
Now to complete it, add some blue gingham to the envelope flap and it is ready to send out. Hurrah! I have got an "X" that might be unique and made a useful card while using it. Just need to add my 4th of July greeting inside. . .

If you want to see the rest of my cards for this year's celebration of the 4th, look at the post below.


Bear Naked said...

How lucky you were to have the XYRON machine to use for ABC Wednesday.
And now that you have found out how it works, I imagine you will be using it again.

eXcellent idea for ABC Wednesday.

esnorway said...

nice x

Gary said...

Xcellent choice. Love that little sticker maker - can you still get them??

Bodge's Bulletin

Malyss said...

It's was not evident to find something beginning with a X!the good thing of it is that we can see how you do your cards;an interesting lesson!

Anonymous said...

A lot of ingenuity is going to the 'X-file- today. Good post.

me ann my camera said...

This looks like fun! It seems to be a great little gadjet!

ann at:
varying seasons

Denise said...

My blogging friend dot would love these.
We have a red white and blue theme at the moment.
Let me know if you fancy posting your pics ove on the blog and I will give you the link!

Juliana RW said...

wow...wonderful x photo :P

Mine in here at My Imaginary site. Thanks

picturing said...

great choice for x theme

Visit me in here Thanks

Liz said...

That's a very clever little machine! And a beautiful card you've created.

AphotoAday said...

Oh cool...   I've seen those paper punches, but didn't know about making stickers.   You are a very crafty person -- beautiful creations.
Wishing you a great X day.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The Xyron machine looks like a lot of fun to use. Making stickers sounds like a hoot!

My X is here:
Country Clippings

Daryl said...

Very clever and useful X .. way to go Paulie!


RuneE said...

Now you have taught me the how what and where about a word I have never even heard of!

Well done.

RuneE said...

Me again: I am not quite sure whether you really meant "X" or "W" (as you wrote) in your comment to me, but in any case I suspect that Xyron is not known World Wide.

But that is all right here!

Dragonstar said...

Very, very clever! The card, of course, but particularly the post. Well done Paulie!

Miss_Yves said...

E-x-cellent idea !
We seem to become children at kindergarden :very funny !
Miss Yves

Katney said...

You have found a creative way to learn to use your new tool. I wonder if the previous owner couldn't figure it out herself.

There is about eleven feet of snow still on the ground at Paradise, but it is melting out fast.

Andrea said...

Well, how interesting. Good X post. X was too hard for me,

Diana said...

good X word! great demo. thanks.

Nydia said...

Oh, I'd love using this Xiron machine, how fun!! Your card came out really beautiful and sweet! Thanks for the tutorial! :0)
I also had problems with the letter X, and I guess I also found someting interesting.

Kisses from Nydia.

starnitesky said...

I have wondered how a Xyron machine works, thanks for the information. Lovely card you created.

leslie said...

Wow! Nicely done. Love it! :D

Love Bears All Things said...

What a neat machine!
Mama Bear