Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No blogging for awhile for me. . .

Yesterday, I was walking the 5 blocks to the Kiggins House remodel so I can keep my blog about it updated and I had an accident. It is an old part of uptown and the sidewalks are in bad repair on some blocks. I knew I was nearing the corner and looked up to see if there was traffic or if I would be able to cross the street. Just at that moment, I crossed an uneven sidewalk that part was 2 inches higher than the leveled sidewalk and it threw me off balance and I fell flat on my face.

Both knees were bleeding, I cut off the tip of my little finger and my left hand was hurting like crazy. As I was falling, I saw out of the corner of my eye that a bicycle had passed me. Before I could figure how to get back up, the young man was there to help me. A lady in a car, pulled her car to the side of the road and came over to help me also.

When I was standing again all I could think of was my camera in my bag. . . thank goodness, it was in better shape than I was with just the battery door opened a smidgen.

The guy checked my hand and I could move fingers a little so he thought it was just sprained and not broken. I don't know. I just know my knees hurt like hell and so did my hand. They stayed with me for a little longer and then found out I was not going back home but determined to go get my photos of the remodel for my blog first. I didn't even think to get their names. I did thank them and told them that they were unique in today's society because most people would just go right on by. They will be forever in my thoughts and prayers.

I hobbled the remaining two blocks to the photo shoot and took three photos and came back home, got ice and took a nap for three hours. When I got up, I decided to go do some errands on the bus and got my bus pass and checked out a place I needed info on for an event next month and ate at Wendy's and came home. My knees still stung and my hand hurt so I decided to do nothing else. Got some more ice and went to bed.

I got online because I was going to write a thank you to those two people via The Columbian, our daily newspaper. Maybe they will see it. . . IF you are a praying person, you might pray for my healing and that my hand is not broken.

This is the letter I am sending the newspaper:

Kindness Of Strangers

Monday, I was on a routine walk to take more photos for my blog about the Kiggins House re-model. As I was walking up 25th, I was watching the sidewalk because there are quite a number of uneven concrete slabs that were probably caused by overgrown trees at one time. I could tell I was coming to an intersection so I looked up to survey the traffic situation. In an instant, I fell headlong onto the pavement.

As I tried to upright myself, a young man on a bicycle and a lady who had parked her car quickly, came to see if I was ok. I managed to get up and surveyed that I had hurt both knees and one was really scraped and bleeding. My left hand was throbbing and the very end of my pinkie was cut off by the fall. Nevertheless, my camera in my bag, was my first concern!

These two people stayed and talked to me, checked to see if anything was broken and finally went on their intended ways after I told them I was determined to go get a few photos before going home to put ice on anything. I didn't think to get their names but I did thank them personally because not many people will stop to help a stranger today. Last night, I thought these two deserved public recognition so I am writing this and hope it will be published in the letters to the editor and that they will see it and recognize themselves as wonderful members of our Vancouver community.

Thank you!


Chloe said...

You stalwart soul!
I hope you are feeling better today and that your down time is brief.

susan/sc said...

Paulie - I am so sorry to hear about your tumble. I hope you are feeling fine soon. Your walks and photography are a blessing to all of us because we get to enjoy your pictures. I'll miss reading posts but it is important that you take time to heal properly. Take care of yourself. Susan/SC

Malyss said...

Dear Paulie,
I was so sorry to read about your accident;I hope You'll get better soon.Take a rest, take care of yourself;I hope the two people that helped you will read your letter;there is always something good in the bad times, you got the chance to meet two nice and lovely people at the right moment, when you needed them.
Take profit from this "free" time,stroll on other blogs, and come back soon,

Aileni said...

Dragonstar had just such a fall last year and smashed her front teeth. Very glad you did not take it to such an extreme - but the pain is going last a wee while.
Hang in there.

RuneE said...

A pity about the fall and injuries! I hope you will be better soon. The story told me of a real blogger and photographer - first things first - how is my camera?

PS Thank you for the nice comments while I was taking a break!

Cindi said...

oh Paulie...I sure hope you're doing better today. Thank goodness that there are still nice, considerate, thoughtful people out there. Your letter for The Columbian was very nice. I hope they see it.

You are showing your stubborn side, hehehe...still insisting on getting the shots of the house.

Please take care of yourself, and I hope you are back to full strength soon!

Love Bears All Things said...

I am sorry to hear about the fall but so glad someone was there and willing to check on you. I know what you mean about the sidewalks. Here, the cities sometimes plant Bradford pears on the right of way and they are notorious for having their roots cracks sidewalks. I myself have stumbled a couple of times when hitting a rough patch. I always think to myself that I should have my cell and my ID with me but often I go out walking with just the camera.
I Pray that your hand isn't broken. I know it must be swollen and sore still.
I haven't been doing a lot of visiting with all the "stuff" goin on here. But I'll be by when I can. Thanks for your faithfulness in reading my blog. I am going to check out the other one you're doing soon.
Mama Bear

Mike said...

Oh dear!! Hope you are OK and recover quickly. It was heartening to read about how you were helped so quickly. That is good! Blessings to you.

Cher said...

Hi Paulie,
Just read about your fall........letting you know I am praying for a quick healing for you! (Doesn't school start soon?)
Might keep trying to bend it so it loosens up.
Aspirin works wonders at time if you can handle it.

ArneA said...

Speedy recovery
from Arne Norway

GranmaL said...

Just remember - it could of been worse. I think it's wonderful those two strangers stopped to help. In this day and age that just doesn't happen. I will pray for your recovery. Be careful while out there taking pictures.

NeldaBelle said...

Hi Paulie! Just one of your old friends wanting to let you know I'll be keeping you in my prayers that you will be healed and able to use your hand again very soon! Didn't know you had a blog! I'm going to add it to my google reader so I can know when you are able to update it. I'm sure when I get time I'll have a good time looking at your photos and reading about your adventures. I really like what I've seen so far--you always did have a real talent for taking beautiful pictures! {{{HUGS}}}

Cindi said...

Hi Paulie...I hope you're feeling better! Just take it easy for a while and hopefully you'll soon be back to good health!

RuneE said...

Me again! I hope things are going well. Thank you for the comments. BTW, no mountains collapsed as I know of, but there was a large landslide a couple of hours drive from here. It was due to heavy rains an afternoon/evening after the excessively nice weather we have had. No lives were lost as far as I know.

Jenny McB said...

Ouch and double ouch! You are so lucky!!! I am glad that you had help near by. My aunt did the same thing and ended up with her arm in the strangest contraption.

Sending over some healing thoughts!!

Love Bears All Things said...

Paulie, I hope your arm and hand are healing well and that you'll soon be like new.
Mama Bear

Chloe said...

How are you feeling? Hope you have bounced back from your fall AND that no harm came to your camera!

Oh, I have no idea why we moved this time or the last TWO times. I almost think it just gives us all something to do.

No idea what my new job is going to be, either. Maybe something in the SHU, where the bad, bad, very bad guys are.

Katney said...

Oh, Paulie, I feel for you. I have tripped and broken my wrist, tripped and nearly broken my wrist, tripped over uneven sidewalk and an incident report finally got the city to do some repairs, and tripped last year during the 3-Day walk and wrenched my knee. Four separate incidents over the years. I really do feel for you. I hope you are up to snuff quickly. Keep me updated as we have a date.

dot said...

Paulie, what a terrible accident! I hope you heal up quickly. It's nice to know there are still some good folks out there who will help someone when they need help. I hope they see your "thank you" in the paper.

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for this inspirational story, and thanks for offering it despite your own situation right now. I am richly blessed for having read it, and I do hope you are very well soon. God bless, friend.

kristine said...

oh my... I was so sorry hearing the accident but so inspired knowing that there are still good people in this cold, cold world.
I hope you'll get better soon. I keep you in my prayer. Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks also for the sweet comment. I'm writing my BYBS post right now..
God bless!

Kerri said...

Oh Paulie! I've been doing some catch up on my blogging and I see that you've had an accident. I am so sorry! I hope you are feeling much better by now.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh Paulie, i just saw this as i am trying to catch up with all i have been missing this week. No Critter shots no Odd shots for me this week.
Anyway what a horrible ordeal for you, but what a neat thing those people did, your so right today people just don't want to be involved in other peoples lives, sure is sad, but so nice to hear that these folks took the time.
Hope things are healing nicely and surely will be praying for a quick recovery.