Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Thanks, Rune! and Thanks, JenMcb

I promised myself to acknowledge my favorite blog participation challenge when I got to 500 posts on my blog. Rune's challenge has made me think of the meaning of a bridge, not always a photo of the beautiful bridges for cars and trains and people to cross that we immediately think of . . . but the milestones in life that are considered bridges also. Thanks for making me think, Rune!

Please take a copy of this for your blog.

******************************************************************and. . .
I surprised myself that I could blog and keep at it. I wasn't sure the first year and had only a few posts but Jen encouraged me to post and to spread my wings and find other blogs that interested me. The second year more than quadrupled the posts I made that first year and this year, my third year, I will have very close to a post a day all year long. So like all the tiny flowers that make up this one big flower, my blog started with small steps and blossomed into a beautiful "writing" flower. Thanks, JenMcB.

Please take a copy for your own blog.


Jenny McB said...

Thank you so much! I will bring that picture along to my blog. Funny thing, when I came over this evening to your blog and saw all the blogs that you participate on, I thought to myself, wow, Paulie has really turned out to be quite a blogger. I am so glad that you have enjoyed it and have made so many new friends!
Keep sharing those pictures!!

RuneE said...

Thank you very much!!!!!
I was totally astounded when I read both your comment to me and what you have written in this post. In these days when Awards a flying all over blogland like mosquitoes at dusk, it is an honour indeed to get one that is made for me personally.

It was also a great pleasure to find that what one has done mostly for personal reasons also has given pleasure to others.

And at the same time I must say that it has always also been a pleasure to read your own blog - one knows when people blogs about things they care for.