Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Project Yellow

Anna has a Project Yellow going on this week. I thought I would try it. . . I found out about it over at Dot's.

Click on photo to enlarge and see who's posing in front of the hydrant.


dot said...

What a cute little fellow and a great yellow picture also!
I was beginning to wonder what happened to you today. Glad all is well!

granmal said...

I see that little fellow. Great yellow picture - I may have to check out the yellow thing.

Anna said...

I like your hydrant. I am so glad that you posted and I am thrilled you are looking for yellow!

Carletta said...

Thanks for coming by to see my project yellow. This little guy is cute. I love squirrels - I know that's weird, but they are so cute.

I'll be checking back to see what else you find. I'm having fun with the project. So glad Anna invited us in!

ArneA said...

Too many references to other topics may reduce the feedback about your L is for Lace.
Believe it is your own works preparing for ABCW. Good work.

Berit said...

I love yor LASE!!!