Saturday, January 19, 2008

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Last week, I went for a short walk on part of the Discovery Trail, a paved trail that crosses our town from west to east. It follows Burnt Bridge Creek which starts just east of Vancouver Lake and goes as far as 89th Ave presently. . . they keep adding to it as funds are available.

Signs like this are present to make sure that the walker, jogger, and biker knows that they are still on the right trail.

This time, I took the bus over to 4th Plain, a little east of Grand Boulevard and began my trek west towards home. It has been awhile since I walked the whole trail and is much nicer during the spring and summer months when plants are in bloom and berries are ripe for nibbling. BUT come cooler weather, I still need exercise - so taking just a portion of the trail is best for me now.

All along, there are benches to rest with scenic views to photograph like this. I think that following the creek is a great idea as it encourages me to keep walking but to also pause for a break to view its tranquility.


Kerri said...

Oh Paulie...I LOVE These shots!! The BENCH is a I am a BENCH LOVER!!

I would love to walk that trail too!!

Nessa said...

That's a very lovely hiking trail.

Sharon said...

Paulie, that is a wonderful place to be able to walk. Your city did a good thing there. As for the strikethrough:
you use < s > directly in front of the word or phrase you wish to strike with no space and < / s > behind it again with no space. I had to put in spaces so it would show up so don't use spaces when you type it in. Let me know how it works!

dot said...

Paulie, please be careful on these trails. They are constantly warning women in Georgia not to go on walking trails alone. It's a shame because some are so beautiful. I guess I'm lucky that I have my own trail in front of where we live but sometimes I venture off and I know I shouldn't.

Katney said...

I love the photos, Paulie. The first ones are very explanatory in the "worth a thousand words " vein. The last one is a work of art.

Dot reminds us of something important. Do be careful, at least have your cellphone handy for an emergency call. Does your apartment building have a self defense class? If so, take it. If not, see if you can organize one.

Our pathway in our rural area is pretty safe. It runs parallel to the access highway. Last spring, though, I went walking on the pathway in the city where I work. I had time between school and graduation ceremonies, but not time to go home. This trail follows the river. The news the next day had stories of two bodies found near the pathway. Both had been there for a while, but scary anyway.

Don't be scared away from walking. Just take precautions.

RuneE said...

Looks like a very cosy trail - I need one of those!

Love Bears All Things said...

Reminds me of our walk a couple of weeks ago. I think its wonderful you have the bus service. We don't have anything like that here close.
Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

Oh Paulie,
I love the pictures and knowing you are in your natural element!
Just little ol' M dropping by to say, "Hello!"
Loved the Mt. Rainier (0h gosh...spelling?) pictures! Reminds me of the time I trekked there with friends when at school at Pacific Lutheran University. My dorm window was a picture window facing the mountain, unobstructed...simply beautiful every day and night with the snowcap and moonlight.... Hope to show it to my daughter some day.

I didn't wear snowshoes there, stayed near the road, but getting out in the snow, it was up to our hips.

Your majestic northwest is beautiful!

I loved the picture of the stream along the path. Your pictures, are, as always, absolutely beautiful.

I agree with others about being safe. I know your faith that God watches over you is strong.... Just be aware that there are other elements at work in our world. We,all, care about you.

Will check back when I am on computers that get me here.

As always...your friend,

Anonymous said...

Paulie, your pictures are always so beautiful. I just love coming here and looking. I’ve been busy with school and haven’t had a chance to stop by lately. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures. Cat (from T-net)

Sandy Carlson said...

Walking with a camera sure does produce some marvelous results!