Friday, January 18, 2008


Sandytagged me for this meme. Anyone reading this that would like to participate is welcome to do it. If you do it, let me know so I can come and read yours also!

Wish List Meme. Here are my lists of five material and five spiritual wishes.

Five Material Wishes:
1. Lots of snow to enjoy but not too much so as to harm people or stop anyone from going to work or losing electricity.
2. A trip to the beach in warmer weather months.
3. That I could find my daughter and renew our relationship.
4. To be able to have a healthy diet so I could lose about 20 pounds.
5. To find some kind of volunteer work that I enjoy doing and can walk to without a lot of hassle since I can't teach any longer.

Five Spiritual Wishes:
1. That through my actions, others would be led to Christ.
2. That I could develop an inner peace that my daughter is ok wherever she is.
3. To find joy in each day, no matter how dreary.
4. To appreciate all that God has given me, no matter how little it seems at times.
5. That God would continue blessing each of my internet friends.


Nessa said...

Very beautiful wishes.

Meggin said...

"To find joy in each day, no matter how dreary."

A terrific wish! I'm going to remember that one when I'm having a down day.

Kerri said...

What lovely wishes, Paulie!

Love Bears All Things said...

I don't know the story of you and your daughter, though you have hinted at it from time to time. I pray that you have peace about this and that God brings you back together.
I never thoought I would see or hear from my foster daughter after she was taken from us. But, 20 years later a miracle happened and we now see each other and talk regularly. I feel so blessed.
Mama Bear

Sandy Carlson said...

Paulie, This is a lovely, love-filled list. I especially hope that you find your daughter and she is well.

God bless.