Thursday, February 14, 2008

(A LOVE Story for Valentine's Day)

A recent trip to Camas to hunt for snow was the subject of my blog a short while back. I never got the photo story finished but andree wrote in her comments that it would make a great children's story. Since I never got all the photos I wanted posted to my blog, I decided to see if I could write it using my photos I took that day. I portray my part as a 12 year old for this story. I'm not sure if this is what she meant but this is the result of writing about my snow adventure in a story form.

My name is Paulie and I LOVE snow. If that is all you remember about me, that's enough to understand my story. Although I am only twelve years old, one day last January I wanted to see the snow so badly that I went to look for it all by myself. Did I tell you how much I LOVE snow? I rode the city bus all over town in quest of it. It was nowhere to be seen. My search seemed futile. That made me so very sad.

Then, I saw Evie, a friend from church , on my bus journeys around town and she told me there was snow at her house in the little town over the hill. I was soooooooooooo jealous! I wished she could take me home with her BUT she had to go to the dentist.

As we said our goodbyes, my mind raced with "I wonder how I can get over to Evie's town to see the snow?"

Before long, my mind had conjured up a new plan! The chance to see snow again was creating a strong impulse in my thoughts. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. . . Our city has a bus that goes to Camas where Evie lives and I have a bus pass that would take me there! Quicker than an avalanche, I was off to see the expectant snow in my friend's town. I caught the next bus going east; I anxiously looked out the window, expecting to see that wonderful "white stuff" , covering the ground at any moment just like Evie promised.

SNOW was NOWHERE to be seen. . . could my friend have been so wrong? Could it have all melted so fast? Tears welled up in my eyes and I resigned myself to the return trip home, my search in vain and disappointment reigning in my heart.

Arriving at the transit center, it was lightly snowing but nothing was sticking to the ground. It was just another empty reminder of my failed journey in search for snow.

Sadly, I boarded a bus that would take me home where I would hide the sadness of my heart in my pillow, all alone in my bedroom. The bus had traveled west, over the hill and onward towards home when a lady, that my Mom knows from work, boarded the bus and saw me. She took one look at me and asked,"What's wrong?" I told her how sad I was that I could not find any snow that stayed on the ground. After hearing my story, she said she thought I had been pretty brave to ride the bus all the way to Camas in my quest for snow.

Trying to comfort me, she asked if I had gotten off the bus in Camas and walked up Prune Hill to search for it. I told her "No." Then she quickly added that the wind that blew from the from the Gorge blows towards the west and there is usually lots of snow on Prune Hill during the winter because of the colder temperatures. Next thing I knew I was hugging her so hard she could hardly catch her breath!

My mind was flying, once again soaring above the disappointment of earlier. Quickly, I rang the bell for the next stop and ran across the street to the bus stop that would take me back to the Fishers Landing transit center to catch the Camas bus again. My heart was pounding in anticipation! Arriving at the transit center again a brief time later, I discovered that I had just missed the bus by a few minutes and the next one would not be going to Camas for almost half an hour. That seemed like it was the longest span of time I ever had to wait for anything, even Christmas, in all of my 12 years!

I was glad that my family trusted me to ride the city buses wherever I decided to go. I carried my backpack with me and it was well stocked. I had water and a snack. I had a cell phone to contact my family if I needed them or they were looking for me. In other pockets of my pack were extra pairs of mittens in case mine got too wet -- I even had an extra pair of socks! I was dressed for winter in many layers of clothing. Yes, my backpack and I were ready for my long awaited snow adventure.

Time passed and before I knew it, I was riding the bus on the way to Camas. I kept an eye out for that hill on the left that I had noticed earlier near the Paper Mill. When I exited the bus, I located the bus stop for my return home across the street and then I headed up that steep hill in anticipation of that illusive snow. As I trod up the hill, I didn't see any snow. Just a neat bench. Of course I had to take a photo!

At the top of the hill, I noticed a street named 18th from which many cars were exiting to go downhill from where I had just come. They all had several inches of snow on their roofs! I immediately decided to go left and explore where that snow was coming from that was on display on so many cars like beautiful entrants in a winter parade. I figured that if I did not locate any snow, I would turn around, come back and continue my journey north. I really wanted to find that snow and get some photos. Was my dream going to be fulfilled today?

Before long, I saw a tiny bit of snow but it was more than we had in Vancouver. It wasn't what I was hoping for but it did stick to the ground. Maybe this is all I was going to find. . . I better get some photos.

I know that looks like I was desperate . . . well, I was!

I thought maybe I better take a photo of my footprints to provide proof of where I had been before it all melted in the light rain.

The rocks look pretty with a light covering of snow. . . they resembled jellybeans with a white chocolate coating.

My snow trek only got better when I spotted a layer of light snow covering the shrubbery and lawns! The joy I felt in my heart made it beat faster. I had really found snow!

I had never seen a tree shaped like this one. It sure made a beautiful snow scene!

I kept walking up the hill on snow laden sidewalks that no one had bothered to clear. . . in fact, I only spotted one driveway that had been shoveled at all. I didn't understand the reason behind the snow covered driveways and sidewalks. Why didn't people clear them of snow? Actually, I was happy that they neglected this chore today.

More snowy scenes greeted my wanderings.

Before long, I spotted a gas station in the midst of all these beautiful homes. It really seemed out of place. I walked in to ask what I might expect if I kept walking the same road, the same direction that I was presently enjoying and was told there was a "Bed and Breakfast" place about a mile further up the hill and then if I kept following the main road, it would take me to Vancouver down the other side of Prune Hill. I was familiar with the road that led to Vancouver that was not on the freeway as I had walked part of it before starting in Vancouver. I was excited that I would not have to go back and catch the bus again when my trek through the snow on Prune Hill was over.

Passing many beautiful snow scenes that my camera quickly enveloped for another day's memories, my mind was filled with the beauty of the white scenes before me and I lost track of the time. When I did look at my watch I realized I could not make it back to the bus stop in time for the final bus run of the day and it was quickly approaching dusk. Would I be able to walk down the hill to Vancouver before dark completely engulfed my snow adventure?

I tried calling my friend that lived in Camas and there was no answer. No one picked up at home either. I wondered if my parents were out looking for me? Would they be upset that I was not home when dusk was fast approaching? The darkness filled my mind with worried thoughts. The sidewalk had run out. Had I taken a wrong turn? I could hear water nearby. . . what if I fell down the sloping hill into the water. Panic crowded my thoughts! Even so, I never regretted "having my little bit of heaven" today. Even so, all I could think of was finding a house with lights on to ask directions and get help for my journey back home. I hoped my parents weren't worrying. . .

Finally, I decided to turn around in pursuit of some light shining from a house and maybe the sign of some very needed help. I thought I found it when a lady answered the door and gave me directions, including names of streets. That is all she could help me as she was expecting guests momentarily. It was getting darker as I headed off with my new set of directions. I couldn't find the street name. . . I was so focused on street signs on the left side of the street that I missed my turn. Fear grabbed me through the darkness and narrow winding road. One wrong step might have me rolling down the hill into the freezing water I could hear. Cars whizzed past me like the roads were clear of snow. Was my fate to get hit by a car going too fast or a perilous slide down the snowy slope into the water?

Just as I resigned myself to one of these fates, a car slowed down as it approached me. I had not thought of harm coming to me from a stranger picking me up. Nor did I imagine that that car would be my salvation. I froze, turning sideways so it would not hit me!

A window rolled down and a friendly voice asked if I needed help. I could see a whole family in the car and my fears were relieved somewhat. I accepted a ride home from them. They dropped me off at my apartment door; I thanked them, promising to pass on their kindness to someone else. As I turned the key in the lock, I heard Mom calling out to me, "Wake up, Paulie, you're having a bad dream!

Whew!!!!!!!!!!!! I had taken the bus home and laid down for a nap and dreamed of this snow adventure OR had I? Where did all those snow photos come from?


Katney said...

I case anyone didn't know, when it comes to snow, Paulie IS twelve years old!

Love Bears All Things said...

Loved your story and the photos!
Thanks, Mama Bear

Andrée said...

Hey it's great! I love so many of your phrases like "quicker than an avalanche." The ending is great, very clever. Now go to and publish! :0)


A few sentences a page with a photo each page. It's going to be great!

dot said...

Love it. Do what Andree said.

Meggin said...

Neat idea, Paulie, to turn your adventure into a story! I enjoyed it, and I'm so glad it had a happy ending!