Monday, February 04, 2008

In Hunt For Snow. . .

Unless you are a "snow freak" like me, you might not even want to read this post. On Saturday, we started getting more snow flurries that melted as soon as they hit the ground so I decided to go "find me some snow!" I have heard that the eastern part of town gets snow more often than where I am because of the winds blowing in from the Gorge. Thus, I decided to go to Fisher's Landing Bus Station and take a bus to Camas/Washougal. As I was waiting for the bus to load, I took this photo of the snow falling agains the background of the brick bus station. Pretty desperate, huh?

Well, with all my good intentions, I didn't see any snow in Camas or Washougal and returned on the bus to Fishers Landing and then took a Mill Plain bus to my church to put the border edge on a bulletin board. I got off the bus and saw SNOW on the flower beds and grass on the church property!!!!!!!! I decided I would hurry and get my work finished and go over and catch the bus to Orchards where it was surely snowing IF we were getting this little snow here on the ground.

Then I happened on the church secretary who told me they had lots of snow where she lived in Camas. I told her, "Well, then it all melted since you left this morning." She said that was "impossible with all they had on Prune Hill." So off I went to the bus stop to head back to Camas since I hadn't found Prune Hill on the previous trip. When I went to the bus shelter, there was even snow on the roof of it!

The secretary had told me to get off the bus and take 192nd up to Prune Hill. It was located before the Camas Paper Mill. I asked the bus driver for help in locating this venue. He said there was only a freeway exit at 192nd Ave. So I stayed on the bus, hoping to see the hill sidewalk that I had seen on the earlier bus trip. Driver let me off right by the Mill and showed me where the stop was to catch it going back to Vancouver.

I started walking up this steep hill with a sidewalk and didn't see a bit of snow. Saw this neat bench tho. . .

Finally, I get to a plateau at the "top" of the hill and see a cross street called 18th that looked like it went even higher so I turned left and followed it for awhile. Finally, I found some snow. . . haha

It wasn't much so I was desperate taking photos like this one to prove that my trip wasn't in desperation alone. Ü It was raining there too so I thought maybe I should take a photo of my snowy footprints before the snow all melted.

This is the curb edge snow, quickly melting from rain pellets.

Climbing a little higher, I met the fog and still a bit of snow on the branches.

Still feeling disappointed that I didn't see the masses of snow promised IF I walked up the hill, I took a photo of rocks in a flower bed lightly covered with snow.

The bushes had a layer of snow!

Finally, snow in yards and covering shrubbery!

Loved this unusual tree formation covered with snow!

Now isn't this the perfect sign on this flag? That's why I was there, searching for snow. I LOVE SNOW! Well, if you have read this far, you will have seen 16 photos. Think I will save the rest of my journey hunting for snow for another day!!!!!!!!!! Ü


dot said...

I got the red x on about half of these pictures. Are you loading them one day and posting the next? I used to do that and would get the red x. Just a thought.

alexander said...

I love snow too!
Good capture!

Alex's World! -

Sharon said...

I love snow, but haven't seen real snow for years, since I moved here. I enjoyed sharing your walk, saw some pretty scenery. Some of your pictures didn't pull up for me.

Love Bears All Things said...

Paulie, I enjoyed the photos that got through.
Mama Bear

Andrée said...

What a quest! And you were successful! I really am glad for you, it was quite a search. In fact, it would make a wonderful children's book! Think about it. With your photos?