Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Year 2 --"T"

Go here if you would like to join us for ABC Wednesday. . . Mrs Nesbitt

"T" is for trains. . . and tree trimmers . . . and trees. . . and trucks . . . and tangled tree limbs . . . and three story house. . . twisted turned up tree branches . . . and a tortoise.

Just a glance at part of the trains I have seen around here.

This tree trimmer was cutting down rotted branches in a tree at my church.

When I watched them move the 101 year old Kiggins house, the tree trimmer was one step ahead of the truck hauling the three story home to its new location 20 blocks away. See post below for whole story.

Have you ever seen such a jumbled up bunch of twigs?

This is a tree with twisted turnedup branches.

This tortoise was trying to travel outside that fence that enclosed it at the Skamania Fair.

These are some of the trail views we have in Vancouver.

AND . . . I can't forget it is also for TWINS of which I am one. The little photo is of my sister, Margie and me when we were 5 years old.



Cindi said...

You did a GREAT job of showing off the letter "T"...congratulations!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Those are some really great T's good job,, i like the house movers

Sharon said...

I didn't realize until now that you were a twin! I've always liked that picture.

Great bunch of T pictures, nicely captured!

Malyss said...

I like The orange Train,and The Travel of The house(this would be impossible with a european house!);
and the Twins are...Two, with another T!:-))
Is the trail the one where you saw Dorothy langsdorf's bench?

Love Bears All Things said...

THanks for sharing your T photos.
Mama Bear

You asked how I keep the post at the top. You can date it sometime in the future if Blogger is still not scheduling future posts as they aren't right now for some reason. Or you can keep redating it daily.

Suburbia said...

Lovely views and the twins... you were (should I say are?!) so cute!!
Good T's

raf said...

It tickles my tummy to tell you two times too many how tempting your tees are in tens....or something like that :)!!

dot said...

Nice bunch of pictures! I've seen a BNSF engine around here.

andrée said...

A twin! You two are adorable! That twisted branch tree is great and I love the tortoise! What a nice post.

Katney said...

Tremendous colletion. How could I have thought you wouldn't do twins.

ArneA said...

old photos always make me think of all the impressions we have stored in our minds throughout these years, and that if touching the right tag, the memories return.
Your photo made me once more think of me and my sister almost 60 years ago as I blogged about some days ago

Dina said...

Cute twins you were. I love the train as seen from below and the traveling house. Your tree has branches like a menorah.

Andrea said...

Wow, what some "T's" Great post. Your train photos are a lot better than mine.

ExpatKat said...

Lovely selection of T's. I can't wait to come to Vancouver and check out the trails in particular.
Adore the picture of you and your twin!

ExpatKat said...

Sorry, wrong Vancouver! Will have to come DOWN to visit your trails! ;-)