Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's raining . . . AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The calendar says January. . . thus, I am hoping for snow. Do we get snow? No.

Ok, so now I am resigned to this predicted dry day that will break January records and be recorded as a high of 53 for January 2, 2007

NOPE! We didn't get that either. . . it started out looking like it might happen . . .just before lunch it was still decent and we (my pre-schoolers) did not even bundle up when going outside to play. We come back to the classroom, eat lunch, get ready to take naps and it is pouring down rain.

Well, the powers that be have scheduled me to work a partial day today as it is the day after a holiday and not all the kids will be there. They were in for a surprise -- we had ten kids before lunch and my Asperger's student coming after school. OH OH. . . too many kdis without my aide. Did the center think about this? Nope. Many days I work full time and have 10-12 kids only. I have worked there the longest and yet I don't get all the hours I want. . . one would think that the teacher with the most seniority would get to choose to work a full day or not. sigh

So, to make this long story short, after work, I had to walk to the bus stop in pouring rain since I did not bring my umbrella. . . and then again from a bus stop, three blocks to my home. I was soaked. Now I am just a big grouch.

What would help me get out of this funk? SNOW would help. . .YOU listening, God?


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Well . . . thank you BUT I still have 9 more days to go as my birthday is on the 12th --same as Bob Reap's.

It was good to see you post on my blog comments again tho.