Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Finally spent my gift card from last birthday

I don't buy things online . . . not much anyway. I did buy my scanner from AOL store a few years ago but then, they just charged my debit card like they do my monthly fee. THUS, when I was given a gift card for Amazon from a friend for 50 dollars, I was afraid to use it if I could not find exactly the total of the certificate. Now I am laughing at myself. OK so I just needed a bit of courage to take the step. Guess I got that courage from the impending expiration date of that gift certificate. . .

I knew that I wanted The Joy Of Digital Photography by Jeff Wignall but I didn't know what to spend the rest on. No matter what I looked at, I had to pay more than the certificate but at least there was no shipping charges. lol Hey! I will take any savings I can get.

I finally decided to go over the amount and get me an iPod shuffle too. Paying the balance with my debit card was painless. sigh

They both came today, delivered by UPS and left on my porch as I was at work. I am glad I live in a gated community! lol

Well, I opened it up and "touched" everything but my eyes are so bad I can't read the directions so I will wait until tomorrow and see if I can see any better even tho the weather is supposed to be cloudy with rain again. . . we got 4 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. (I am sick of rain.)

I ordered all of Banjophil's CDs for my birthday that is coming up soon and hope to put some of the tunes on my shuffle. . . I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW TINY IT IS! I have also been downloading some from iTunes . . . well I mean, I have been checking out what they have and so far NO PAT BOONE iTunes. . . sigh Found some other good 50's music tho.

I am so excited! I hope I can enjoy using it soon.

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