Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trees I have "known" at Mt. Rainier. . .

This will be my last entry on this blog as I have just about run out of photo space. Please join me over at PERBS I have a few more from Mt. Rainier of birds, mountains and raindrops. Eventually, I will get them all shared. You will find my memes for ODD SHOTS, Blog Your Blessings Sunday and Bridges Between over there too. I haven't decided yet where I will put my blogs for Turtle Place, Kiggins House remodel and For the Love of Benches yet but I hope to continue them also. (I have taken update photos but am behind in posting them.)

The new growth contrasts beautifully with the tree.

The rock slides look like an angel on the left and Jesus on the right.

The branches growing from the side of this trunk were contrasts from dead to fall colors to olive green.

Can you see the SMILEY face in this tree trunk?

Our trail on our 3rd. hike looked like this most of the way. . . only in a short distance was it a wider smooth trail.

Blue skies and snow!

Tree trunks.

I liked this bent tree trunk!

This tall tree was all hollow inside. To get the length of the tree, I laid on my back to take the photo. CLICK on it to enlarge.

I have enjoyed sharing photos with anyone who stops by on this site. I have now moved to a different site and will post under PERBS, my initials. I hope you will join me there.


Katney said...

I have often gotten into interesting positions to take pictures. When you lie down on the ground to take a picture, it is often handy to have someone along to assure passersby that youa re okay.

diXymiss said...

Great shots, Paulie. Vacation is over and I'm trying to get back into the "swing of things." ThanX for stopping by while I was away. I'll check out PERBS to see what you're up to today.

PS: I didn't know it was possible to run out of photo space on Blogger (yikes)! Should I be worried?

ArneA said...

your interpretation of jesus and angles is qualified for contemporary art exhibitions

Malyss said...

I read somewhere that "trees are short on words but long on wisdom";I like trees, especially the old wild ones...

RuneE said...

I was most impressed by the hollow tree. That would have been a nice place to camp - or at least keep dry in a shower.

PS A photographer shall lie down if that's the only way he/she can get the angle that is needed.

Cindi said...

Wow, some of those trees are are really different!

SandyCarlson said...

I love these, Paulie. Trees do have personality!

ArneA said...

Still have problems finding your present blog.
Please make an automatic link to the new or give me your url

Whatever said...

I remember a tree in my grandparents backyard that my sister and I would have picnics under. I think the tree was still standing the last time I saw it.

ellen said...

I joined the camera critters. Hope you can find time to visit my very first entry to this meme. Thank you and God bless. Indeed a blessing to see you around.


Anonymous said...

Paulie, I LOVE tree pictures..and have always! I don't think that one slide looks like Jesus...I see Moses holding his rod and the 10 commandments! :)