Thursday, May 08, 2008

More Pretty Tulips at Esther Short Park

We have had tulips since the end of March at Esther Short Park. There are many flower beds there among the benches and paths and rows and rows of colored tulips within. The colors are not intertwined but all the same color in different tows. I think they must have planted them at separate times because different colored rows appeared each week and after a month of blooming, the whole end of the park where there are many flower beds was ablaze with red, pink, yellow, white, and varigated tulips, all in long rows of color.

CLICK on each to enlarge to see detail


Katney said...

We have had such winds most evenings that my tulips are nearly all gone.

Stop back and take another look at my pelicans. I added information after your comment.

dot said...

Beautiful!! I bet that was a sight to see when they were all in bloom at the same time.