Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not sure the name of these beauties. . .

I saw these recently and really enjoyed their spikey leaves and cone centers. I have no idea what it is but if someone can tell me, I would appreciate it. CLICK TO SEE BEAUTIFUL DETAIL.
Mary, a new blogger friend from France, has identified it! It is a Chardon Bleu and here is a little info I found in Google about it:

This is a protected wildflower in the mountains, not to be picked.
A tall, striking mountain perennial growing to 2 meters tall. It looks quite a bit like a Teasel (Dipsacus fullonum), but there's no relation. We've seen this labeled (in English) "Blue Lace", "Sea Holly" and "Alpine Sea Holly" (rather strange name considering that it grows in the Alpes).
Size. 2 m (v-tall)
Flower Blossom. Bluish-white in dense, prickly-looking umbrels, 2 cm diamete, 4 cm long,
Leaves. The basal leaves are 8-15 cm long, deep green and veined. They become more pointed and divided higher on the step, ending in the bracts.
Bracts. The ring of feathery bracts surrounding the domed flower-head can be bright blue, violet or white.

Meme from Chloe.

Chloe tagged me for this so I guess I will do it. . .

Here goes. At the end of the post, the player tags at least 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

I lived in Granada Hills, CA and I taught Kindergarten in Sylmar at Hubbard St. School. I team taught with a new teacher, Jenny Contreras, who taught the Spanish kids in the PM that year.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today -- in no particular order?

I will just have to list 5 things I did as it is after 8:00 PM and I am vegging out now. . .

Went to ladies Bible study.
Had Needleworkers Meeting after Bible study.
Went shopping for BRUNCH/Coffee tomorrow that will be in our apartment building rec room; bought pastries and fruit for it AND some Coonstant Comment tea.
Picked up my mail.
Played BUNCO.

3. Snacks I enjoy.

fried zucchini squash
chocolate licorice
kettle corn

4. Places I've lived. (My records are in storage so trying hard to remember all the towns. . . )

Pocatello, Idaho
Cottonwood, ID (high school boarding school)
San Diego, CA (married)
Groton, CT (first married home)
Air Force base in Chicopee, MA (first son born)
San Diego, CA
Honolulu, Hawaii (second son born)
Richmond , CA (daughter born at Treasure Island)
Ballston Spa, New York
Charleston, S Carolina
San Diego, CA again
Honolulu, Hawaii again
Pocatello, Idaho again (graduated from college)
Vancouver, WA -- subbing
Los Angeles, CA (first classroom -- Kindergarten)
Long Beach, CA (2nd classroom -- 1st grade)
Granada Hills, CA 3rd classroom -- 2nd grade; 2 years Kindergarten and one year of 4th grade
Vancouver, WA again --Kindergarten; preschool and subbing

5. Things I would do if I was a billionaire.

Thank God!
Hire someone to find my daughter.
Move to upstate New York and build a house where I could play in the snow and live in the woods with a river nearby.
Give each of my kids a million dollars and the grandkids a bit too.
Buy a new computer, printer, scanner, copy machine, large TV screen, lots of hobby stuff for sewing counted cross stitch, stampin' and adding to my collection of snowmen.
Build a library and stock it with books -- next door to my home. Hire staff to run it.
Build hiking trails around me for everyone to enjoy.
Donate a million dollars to a local Girl Scout Council to build and operate a neat camping site near me.
Send 5 million dollars to researchers for finding a cure for split lip birth defects.
Travel to Germany.
Donate a generous amount to those searching for a cure for cancer.
Adopt a city in a poor country and sponsor the entire population for 5 years.
Go visit Chloe and see her hotel home.
Go to the beach as often as I choose.

6. Peeps I want to know more about:

I like learning more about anyone who stops by my blog so if you would like to do this meme, please let me know so I can learn more about you also. So, I choose YOU- YOU- YOU- YOU- YOU- YOU ------be sure to let me know if YOU did this too.


Love Bears All Things said...

Can't help. I haven't seen these before.
Mama Bear

Chloe said...

You nut!

dot said...

You got me there. I've never seen such but they sure are pretty. Maybe someone will know.

Malyss said...

I don't know the english name for those flowers; but in France, they are called "CHARDON";they are highly protected and it is forbidden to pick them!
I thought I was the world champion for changing houses, but I can see that you can take the first place easily!...:-))

Paulie said...

Thanks, Mary! They are called Chardon bleu here also. I looked it up in Google pictures once I had the first part of the name from you! I will have to check out more info about them here. I can't even remember where i took the photo but it was somewhere here in the city.

Lilli & Nevada said...

I have no idea Paulie but then i don't know much about flowers, or birds. I like them tho. Anything that is living i like as i have no green thumb.

Chloe said...

You certainly have moved around alot! I bet you have great photos from all those exotic 9at least to me) places-

Cindi said...

Gorgeous shot of the Chardon Bleu paulie! You're so talented with the camera.

I'm thinking about doing the meme...just not sure if I can come up with enough things!

Mike said...

I recognised that flower but didn't know the name.

Patricia said...

That is a beautiful flower, Paulie. I'm glad someone was able to identify it for you, too. I loved reading your answers to the meme. I don't know about your daughter, but I can sure pray that you find her. (((Hugs)))

rohit pagey said...

hey!! thats a great blog'll take me 7 lives to bring my blog even remotely close to your's.