Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Myrl's birthday celebration

Today is Myrl's birthday. She is a dear friend of mine from church. She had a stroke. She is back living in her own home with a caregiver in residence. She has one foot and one hand that "don't work" any longer so she uses a wheel chair. I wish she could use one of those power ones but she can't because of her arm and leg, I was told.

Every year near her birthday, her family gathers from corners around the US and celebrate with a reunion weekend at a park in the north county. She will get to go to this too. She doesn't speak much but recognizes all and smiles and through her touch, you know she understands and is glad to see you.

When I went to visit her and took my card, several family members were there also. Others were coming in that night from California and Missouri. Her newest great grandson was there. He is a little cutie and 6 months old.

I told Myrl that my card for her didn't have an envelope because it was too big and wouldn't fit in one! I helped her see each panel and she read and read it. . . I know she enjoyed my efforts.

She is doing so much better than 6 months ago. If she could talk and walk freely, she would be the same ole Myrl that was my special friend. Instead, her smile makes me remember all the love that she has shared in her life -- especially the last 22 years I have known her. Yes, Myrl is still the wonderful friend I met so long ago. She just needs a little help now and it is time that we all remember to give back to her what she so generously gave to us without expecting anything in return.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAT, MYRL and may you have many more celebrations of your birth so you can bring joy in the lives of others as you have done before. Hopefully, you know that joy from us also.

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Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

The card you made Myrl is wonderful. I am glad she was able to enjoy it - and see her family.