Monday, August 27, 2007

Friday movies at the park. . .

Our town has free movies at the park every Friday night during the summer. I had never been able to go before because I don't drive and most of the people I know my age aren't adventuresome and want the comforts of home while watching a movie. Now that I like uptown, I can walk downtown to the park where they are shown. Usually, they are shown at Esther Short park but this week, they were having a wine festival in the park so we had the movie at the Fort vancovuer national Reserve parade grounds. If you just bring a blanket, you get to sit in the front rows while the sand chairs go behind you and the lawn chairs behind them. I like to be in the front so I bring a blanket.

This is what the screen looked like before the movie:

This is what the moon looked like that night. . .

It is finally time for the movie: GREASE:

It was a cool night after a very warm day and lying around on my blanket, I felt very comfortable watching a re-run of an oldie but goodie movie and eating Kettle Corn! When it was over, I walked uptown to my new apartment and felt like it was worth it. I can hardly wait to go next Friday -- the last one for this summer. It will be at Esther Short park so will be a little shorter walk home afterwards.

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Chris said...

Oh, how wonderful - hot summer day, cool evening, watching movies in the park, John Travolta and Grease. Heaven. Wish we could do it here!